TMGC+Color! Log 14

It’s been almost a year since my last post.

I restarted my TMGC+C, and it was left off at generation 8 as a Kuromametchi.

I don’t really have any goals for next generation as of now, so I’m probably going to just raise it normally and see what I get.

TMGC+Color! Log 13

My Meidotchi is 9 years old today, and she’s still a Meidotchi.  I love you, Meidotchi, but it’s time to be old.  It’s time. 

TMGC+Color! Log 12

My 6th generation has been going strong and quite well.

I’ve managed to get Meidotchi.

Since I’ve been taking pretty good care of her, I have chosen to use this generation to get to Otokitchi.  She is 7 years old now, and should be changing soon.  When that time comes, I will pretty quickly move on to breeding her and getting the special old-tchi Tamagotchi characters.

TMGC+Color! Log 11

She turned into Memepetchi by the time I got to work, and because of buttons being pushed in my pocket, she managed to get outside, where it was partly cloudy.  There is a random factor that during the day when it’s party cloudy, something can happen to cause a happy token to be received.  I didn’t witness the event, so I don’t know for sure, but I do know that it happened.

Having noticed that I finally received a partly cloudy day in the device, I used the magnifying glass outside until she found a 4-leaf clover, which was another happy token.

That puts me at a record high of 4 happy tokens, which has her happiness bar almost twice as long as I’ve ever seen it.  It would take over a day of inaction for that to reduce to nothing.

TMGC+Color! Log 10

I started generation 6 this morning, and I got another girl!  I don’t even know what to do this time.  I guess I’ll just go for the grandma-tchi, but at this point I’ve realized I’m not taking great enough care to get there.  Regardless, I’m going to make my second attempt.

TMGC+Color! Log 9

Sorry for the huge delay, but in the least, my tamagotchi progress hasn’t stopped, so I have a lot to catch up on.

I mentioned last time that I was going for Ichigotchi, then Meidotchi, and then Otokotchi.

Well, it didn’t exactly work that way.  Ichigotchi I did get, but work has been hectic and I’ve been a little bit on the uncaring side.  I ended up getting Makiko, which is the only tama I’ve gotten that didn’t have the ~tchi at the end of the name.  I was very confused.

She’s surprisingly cute for the worst-raised female for that generation.

Because she was so poorly cared for, I was too nervous to try to wait it out and get her to become the old tamagotchi lady, so I sent her to the matchmaker to start generation 5.

Another female.

Poor care once again led me through Ichigotchi up to Marotchi.

An inordinately ugly Tamagotchi, I must say, but another first, which is what my aims are, in general.

I will breed, hoping for a male generation.

TMGC+Color! Log 8

I waited until this morning to send my Kuchipatchi to the matchmaker.  Unfortunately, I got another female baby - Nokotchi.

She quickly turned into Memeptchi, so now I’m working through the 4th generation of my Tamagotchi Plus Color.  

My plan for this generation is to get Ichigotchi, Meidotchi, and ultimately the grandma tamagotchi, Otokitchi.

Afterward, I will breed her to get the special children, and see how that works.  I’m excited for this generation, since I finally have a repeat generation where I shouldn’t care too well for the tama!  Sounds horrible, I know, but it’s a game, and this is how I play it.

TMGC+Color! Log 7

It’s been a rough week for my poor Tamagotchi color.  While I did manage to get Young Mametchi (Yangumametchi is the direct transcription from hiragana to romanji), I took an very long, unfortunate nap that left the poor teenager pleading for help far longer than is allowed to get the good, well-cared for adult Mametchi.

 [Young Mametchi]

Well, yesterday morning he evolved into Kuchipatchi, which came as no surprise since I missed at least 2 care calls.  I wasn’t completely saddened by this, since Kuchipatchi is an old favorite of mine.

Soon I will be breeding him and hoping for a 4th-generation male Kinotchi.  And I will make damned sure that he turns into Kuromametchi.  I need it.

TMGC+Color! Log 6

This morning began generation 3 of my Tamagotchi Color.  Furawatchi met the sleepy tamagotchi of her dreams via the matchmaker, and had a baby kinotchi — male.

I was more than pleased to finally get a male generation, and since it’s an odd-numbered generation, I am aiming for the ever-popular Mametchi.

After the short hour of being a Kinotchi, he turned into Kuribotchi.  This is my first time ever seeing this character.

It being winter on the device makes it difficult to get more of the happy tokens.  I’ve still only managed to get the same two, but I must admit that having those two make a very big difference in the length of time I can go without playing a game.  I’ve also purchased a few more items— the telescope and a white shirt, which I assume can only be worn by certain adults.

TMGC+Color! Log 5

Sorry for the delayed updates.  I’ve been surprisingly busy for the past few days because of a recent snowstorm in Atlanta.

I’ve managed to acquire two of the happy achievements on my TMGC+C.  I got the tea one and now the popsicle one.  This increases the threshold of the happiness meter so that the Tamagotchi can stay happy for longer stretches of time.
I’ve also bought all of the train passes, so now I take my Tamagotchi almost everywhere in the tama world.

As for the evolutions, this 2nd generation girl turned in to Chamametchi again, the good teenager.  She then turned into Furawatchi, the best even-generation girl.


I’m really hoping for a boy third generation so I can start working on the boy set.  If I get another girl, I’m going to make it into the grandparent tamagotchi and then have the grandparent children, which are unique.  Hopefully those are still breedable, otherwise I guess that will close out that chain, and I’ll rehatch until I get a boy.